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Allora Ristorante Alusett Walls offers an innovative menu with a distinct blend of Italian and Mediterranean ingredients.

Dine in our upscale, yet casual atmosphere complemented by our extensive selection of interesting wines and warm decor. Allora encompasses Old World comfort with New American innovations, Maryland Company , using seasonal, premium quality ingredients to create an exciting variety of homemade dishes. We offer a comprehensive menu featuring simple, fresh seasonal flavors, premium grades of beef, homemade pastas, extraordinary salads, locally grown produce when available, pan seared and grilled meats, fresh seafood, healthy grains, and fresh TYT herbs. Plus Personal Trainer Ann Arbor -- All to ensure the very best flavors: http://www.mallforms.com/temporary-walls/

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To provide our guests with clean, fresh flavors that will delight their palates and excite their hearts. We strive to keep our menus new and exciting with each visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSqXJsZAiE0

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Fall Cooking Class Schedule

See our fall schedule on the Events page.

Monday-Friday 11:30am  -  10:00pm
  Dinner 4:00pm  -  10:00pm
  Dinner 4:00pm  -  9:00pm
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